News with stir sticks

Last Fall, after work painting homes dried up, the wife and I decided we’d try to make a go of it freelancing — in addition to our continuing service with M-DAT — unless a job opportunity came up that seemed just right.

Stir sticks for dyes

Since then a few things happened (or didn’t happen). The freelance work we were hoping for limped along and never got to a sustainable level. A job opportunity that seemed just right showed up in the local paper. And my wife was given a drum carder for Christmas.

I applied for the job that seemed just right and, thankfully, was hired even in this highly competitive market. I’ve sat at the new desk for two weeks now. We will continue our work with M-DAT as well, though I won’t have as much time for it as I did last year. I won’t have as much time to write for The Aesthetic Elevator either. I don’t feel all that bad about this since most of the blogs I follow have seemed to, for whatever reason, slow down commensurately.

And my wife will hopefully put this drum carder to good use. She’s been told recently she has a good eye for color when dying fiber, and we’re going to try and kickstart her colorful business by participating in a one day event early in March. Yesterday we mixed up some dyes for her to start creating with. This afternoon I’ll be finishing up a banner and business cards so they get here before the little expo.


About pcNielsen
Paul Nielsen founded The Aesthetic Elevator late in 2005. He owns a piece of paper, located somewhere in his house (not on the wall), stating that he earned a B.F.A. from the University of Nebraska around about 2001. While there, he studied studied architecture, graphic design and ceramics, graduating with a degree in studio art. Paul presently serves as communications manager for a small non-profit doing their print design and marketing. He spends as much time sculpting in his studio as possible — which is not nearly enough. Visit his website at

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