Another rare post on college football

Another rare post reflecting on college football (the American version); just a few thoughts:

  • It’s too much about money anymore, end of story. The Meineke Car Care Bowl, Bowl, Chick-fil-A Bowl, no. Fail.
  • The game is better without instant replay, and would probably be better without replays of any kind, i.e. television. However, I’m glad I can watch the games on TV. Husker nation is irate at what was poor officiating last night (although they didn’t play well enough to win on offense regardless). One of the earlier calls was 30 yards worth of unsportsmanlike conduct by the same player on the same play. The officials missed the fact that he was being pinched (or worse, according to most reports) repeatedly by a Texas A&M defender.


    Later the refs would utterly and completely botch a call, accusing a Nebraska defender of roughing the passer and (if I recall correctly) giving A&M a first down when their third down pass fell incomplete, on the winning drive.

  • I don’t really buy the conspiracy theory that the Big 12 is out to get the Cornhuskers this year, but this is a pretty interesting testament to the game last night: “I was at the game last night and the flags were absolutley ridiculous. Late flags after A&M talk to officials, bogus calls, bogus non-calls. Anyway, when A&M fans in the stand turn around to you and say, ‘Why was that a flag?’ (and they did it more than once), it really calls into question how the game was officiated.”

    Another interesting note is that lot of the commenters on the Aggie blog seemed to also think the officiating was kind of lopsided, unfair, inaccurate etc.

  • Are announcers and commentators getting worse, or am I just expecting better as I age? They have no sense of relevant history and some days sound like broken records. If I hear the phrase “control their own destiny” one more time . . .

And finally, my own commentary (originally left as a comment on a blog) on last night’s game:

Um, Husker fans, quit whining & pining for the Big 10 (not that I’m anti going to the Big 10). Yes, officiating was abominable (though we earned most of the penalties), esp in the 2nd half—culminating in that late hit call (seriously?). But I’d rather my team be able to win despite these obstacles.

REMEMBER: We beat two good ranked teams, Callahan is gone & we’re winning 9 games/year again!


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