Airplane hotel in Costa Rica, hostel in Stockholm

File this under just for fun on Friday: Costa Rican Airplane Hotel Takes Flight. Fits right into my [lagging] commercial flight fetish too.


The two-room Boeing 727 suite is part of the Costa Verde Resort in Manuel Antonia, Costa Rica. Rates range from $300-$350 a night.


In February, The inhabitat blog reported on a Boeing 747 turned into a hostel for visitors to Stockholm. As if I needed another reason to visit the land of my (and my wife’s) ancestors,m a land full of good design, generally speaking.


The retired jumbo jet rests at the Stockholm-Arlanda airport. Tthe Jumbo Hostel‘s offers a variety of rooms ranging from 350-3300 SEK (~ $40-$400). A conference room is available for rent as well. I think the next Mission Data International board retreat should be held there (in case my boss is reading this).



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2 Responses to Airplane hotel in Costa Rica, hostel in Stockholm

  1. Juneau says:

    wow, this airplane hotel is really cool! i wish i lived in there!

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