Living car free

Assuming I’ve made it to New York for the IAM Encounter conference by now, I’ve flown, taken the bus into the city and then a train (subway) to the apartment I’m calling my temporary home. All of this after being dropped off at the airport by my wife — at an ungodly hour of the morning, sorry dear — in our car.

Earlier this week TechCrunch posted a letter from Todd Dagres,
Founder and General Partner of Spark Capital, to the President. From the letter:

    It’s time to face the truth: The people running the US auto companies are officious bumblers, the products stink, and the unions are a parasitic drain on the business. And yet the Government seems content to throw billions of dollars at the problem.

He goes on to suggest President Obama put Steve Jobs in charge of American automakers. Makes sense to me, although it wasn’t well-received by readers who thought Dagres didn’t know the first thing about the automobile industry. True as that may be (or might not; I doubt many of the commenters really know that much about Dagres), one of the earlier comments noted that many CEOs don’t necessarily have extensive knowledge of the products or processes of their company.

Today’s Wordle is from the Carfree USA blog.


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