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I mentioned in August that I began work on a website for my own mixed media sculpture. I put together most of the website using some very basic html, WordPress and Plogger. A friend helped me out with a stylesheet as well. Despite very intent plans to finish the site by the end of 2009, work stalled on account of travel, holidays and illness.

Last week I picked the project up again, hoping to get something semi-professional up before heading to New York for the IAM Encounter on the 25th. I began this resurgence by looking through the overwhelming number of plug-ins for WordPress, searching specifically for a gallery to replace Plogger (which I was never too fond of).

I dinked around at that for a number of days, frustrated at the quirks and bugs in a number of the plug-ins. At the end of my ideas, I finally typed “WordPress theme for artists” into Google and clicked “search.” Among the top results rested one very relevant result, WPfolio.


WPfolio launched in September. It looks and functions remarkably similar to the idea I had in mind for my own website in the beginning (see the sample screenshot above). The instructions are comprehensive and very easy to follow. It’s still a youthful theme, and therein has a bug or two itself. Regardless, I’d recommend it to anyone.

My own website is at, still putting it together.


About pcNielsen
Paul Nielsen founded The Aesthetic Elevator late in 2005. He owns a piece of paper, located somewhere in his house (not on the wall), stating that he earned a B.F.A. from the University of Nebraska around about 2001. While there, he studied studied architecture, graphic design and ceramics, graduating with a degree in studio art. Paul presently serves as communications manager for a small non-profit doing their print design and marketing. He spends as much time sculpting in his studio as possible — which is not nearly enough. Visit his website at

2 Responses to Website template for artists

  1. John Lein says:

    Nice, good focus on the art. From a user perspective I think it works great, though I’d like to see full use of the space on the individual art view with a bigger photo.

    However, you definitely have some SEO issues if that’s something important to you (it should be). Your only h1 is a hidden element (negative flag for Google), and your piece title is simply a b tag (we can get into b vs strong later, but that’s not going to matter to Google). Plus your page titles (that you see on the browser bar) aren’t formatted correctly. That’s on a cursory glance. I’d be happy to help you work those things out, let me know.

  2. pNielsen says:

    I’d love the help! I’m definitely concerned with SEO, but at this point I just needed something I could use that WORKED before heading to NYC. Plogger wasn’t doing it, and I’m guessing the developers would would be interested in the suggestions too. A lot of WP themes seem to be created and then not updated. I have higher, however, hopes for this one which seems to have been created with a specific audience in mind (opposed to so many that I’m guessing are created by the user for the user). The theme’s website is far and away better than any other I’ve seen for a WP theme, and I’ve seen quite a few.

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