Consumerism causes death in New York

Another short blurb for today. By now most people have heard that a Walmart employee was trampled to death in the 5am chaos of Black Friday. ThinkChristian points to a Times article where people are speculating on where to place the blame for the tragedy. They also note a Newsday article suggesting New York legislators are planning laws to require security in the future to control these mobs.

I can’t honestly remember if I’ve ever shopped for Christmas gifts on Black Friday. I’m pretty sure I have, but I certainly don’t make a point of it. I like shopping and don’t mind crowds, but I very much dislike dealing with traffic and lines on the scale one expects for that kind of outing. So at this point in life I don’t go. Further, shopping opportunities in little Siloam Springs aren’t exactly plentiful (I don’t really count Walmart as a place I buy Christmas gifts), so my wife and I get most of our goodies online anymore.

The ThinkChristian article ends by asking what people of faith can do to counter the consumerism of American culture on Black Friday in particular. My suggestion was to try and make it the day of the year when more money is given to charity than any other.

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


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One Response to Consumerism causes death in New York

  1. Lee Forrest says:

    You have a great suggestion! Unless God sweeps this greedy country with a revival that transforms our selfish hearts into hearts of compassion and giving, I am afraid we are going to see more and more incidences that involve someone’s death due to consumer greed.

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