Ned Bustard on beauty

Ned Bustard of World’s End Images (with whom I’m not at all familiar) was interviewed by the Christians in the Arts blog, which I only recently found and began to read. A brief portion of the interview was posted today, wherein Bustard is asked “What does beauty offer us?” I found this portion of his response worth reposting:

    “But back to the topic—why do I think Beauty is important? I have a Kingdom of God reason and a personal reason. In Square Halo’s book It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God there is a great essay by Adrienne Chaplin on Beauty. She writes: “To seek and pursue redemptive beauty is therefore not merely a luxury pastime but a call to artists to become agents of restoration and reconciliation. Wise and winsome images—whether in paintings, music or sculptures—can serve as beacons of hope and signs of renewal.” I would assert that we need Beauty for restoration and reconciliation–to live out our prayer “…Thy Kingdom come…”. Personally, we need Beauty to know and understand what it means to be fully human and to be fully engaged—right here, right now.”

I know it is a theme now among artists of faith to speak of renewal and reconciliation, although I don’t exactly know where they are coming from personally. What’s most interesting to me in the above statement is that “To seek and pursue redemptive beauty is therefore not merely a luxury pastime . . . ” With this I wholeheartedly agree, whether the artists believes his or her end is reconciliation or something else.


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  1. I am 16 and Im taking english 3 ap college class and I need some help .We need to wite an essay about beauty and how the media plays arole in how we percieve beauy .I would like to know what your thoughts are in relation to the media and beauty . thank you

  2. wohooo
    !!!! Im the first to comment :>

  3. TAE says:


    Check out these previous posts that deal with beauty in our culture:

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