Mako to paint at Carnegie Hall

This press release came from Makoto Fujimura’s studio today:

    Fujimura Studio Announces:

    Makoto Fujimura to become first visual artist ever to paint live at Carnegie Hall in his collaboration with Susie Ibarra, composer.

    NEW YORK, NY, October 3, 2007 –

    World-renown percussionist and composer Susie Ibarra will premiere her new work, Pintados Dream (The Painted’s Dream), a concerto for percussion and orchestra, in collaboration with visual artist Makoto Fujimura and American Composers Orchestra, at Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall on October 19th. Tickets are available at or by calling (212) 247-7800.

    While Fujimura and Ibarra have collaborated and experimented with live performance art several times in the past three years, this premiere will represent a first for Carnegie Hall: never before has an artist painted on stage during a performance there. Fujimura’s technique, heavily influenced by Japanese Nihonga as well as American abstract art, provides a visual complement to Ibarra’s largely improvised percussion sounds, underscored by the American Composers Orchestra.

    Fujimura, founder of International Arts Movement, uses all natural materials in his art. “I am more and more convinced that the imperfections are more important to define humanity than perfected products. Acrylic and synthetic mediums can accomplish great feats in design and other plastic applications, but in direct painting, I believe that natural mediums…. have ‘memory imprints’ of the past, and Japanese materials in particular (reflect) a collaboration with nature, heritage crafts and art.”

    Educated bi-culturally between the US and Japan, Makoto Fujimura’s paintings have been exhibited all over the world. He was honored in 1992 as the youngest artist ever to have had a piece acquired by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. He was also the youngest person ever to be given a Presidential appointment to the National Council on the Arts, the highest arts position in the United States.

    Susie Ibarra’s Pintados Dream (The Painted’s Dream), a collaboration with visual artist Makoto Fujimura and American Composers Orchestra, will premiere at Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall on October 19th. Tickets are available at or by calling (212) 247-7800. The performance will be repeated in Philadelphia on Sunday, October 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the Harold Prince Theatre of the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, University of Pennsylvania. Details can be found at

    International Arts Movement will host a fund raising event to commemorate the event. “Evening with Fujimura and Ibarra” will feature a studio tour, premier seating for the October 19th event, and buffet meal at IAM’s brand new Space 38|39, as well as invitation to the reception with Susie Ibarra and Makoto Fujimura. Please contact Christy Tennant at for more information.

    Upcoming Refractions: “Traveling in China with Father Dowling”
    Also, Innovative “Painted Music” Collaboration with Classical Composer Jerzy Sapieyevski coming up on November 8th evening in Chelsea, New York City.


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  1. balm says:

    AWESOME! What a great colaboration. It is exciting to see how this movement of art is progressing. Thanks for keeping us updated. I continue to appreciate your blog! or

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