Not everyone is an artist

It struck me while biking this morning that my post yesterday needed a qualifiation:

    Not everyone is an artist.

Regular readers will know that when I say this I’m not attempting to create an exclusive set of people, of art snobs; I’m not setting artists up as some kind of genius. Artists are human beings the same as the rest of humanity, with the same social and cultural responsibilities as the rest of humanity. I’ve more or less said all of this in some form or fashion before, but it is worth reiterating.

I’m not going to further attempt to define an artist here. For this I defer to my post on the definition of art. Suffice it that not everyone is a home builder. Not everyone is a statistician. Not everyone is a baseball player. Not everyone has the same gifts and talents.

Why is it then that the label of artist is applied so broadly in comparison to other lines of work?


About pcNielsen
Paul Nielsen founded The Aesthetic Elevator late in 2005. He owns a piece of paper, located somewhere in his house (not on the wall), stating that he earned a B.F.A. from the University of Nebraska around about 2001. While there, he studied studied architecture, graphic design and ceramics, graduating with a degree in studio art. Paul presently serves as communications manager for a small non-profit doing their print design and marketing. He spends as much time sculpting in his studio as possible — which is not nearly enough. Visit his website at

2 Responses to Not everyone is an artist

  1. Seth says:

    True, not everyone is an artist. But everyone has the capacity for creativity in some fashion.

  2. TAE says:

    Absolutely. Engineering is equally as creative, as is troubleshooting for a mechanic or strategy for business. By no means is creativity limited to the arts.

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