Intentional Observation: Attention spans reflected in movie edits?

Interesting thoughts on how impatient we are from Paul Kedrosky’s Infectious Greed blog:

    “There are stories making the rounds about people becoming nauseated while watching the popular new movie The Bourne Ultimatum. Not because they [sic] movie is so bad, but because the shot lengths are so short, averaging (apparently) something like two seconds. In some people that sort of thing — alongside fast camera moves — seemingly induces vomiting. Fascinating.

    That, however, got me thinking. Many people, myself included, think movie shot lengths are getting shorter and edits closer together. It is, to one way of thinking, a reflection of our collective attention deficit disorder, our inability to stay focused on any one thing for a more than a couple of seconds. (Still with me? I’m kidding.)

Continue reading via this link.

I’ve thought this about movies for the last year or so. The jittery result of such short scenes really bugged me in certain films, although I can’t remember which films off the top of my head.


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